At Mark McCoy Productions we are committed to making the most entertaining and educational Large Format movies.  We are currently working on several projects. 


     Our movie "Project Fire", is a large format movie that will be like no other.  For forty minutes it will give the audience the adrenaline packed thrill of being a firefighter.  This film will be a compelling journey focusing on the many exciting and arduous tasks of firefighting using all of the strengths the large format medium has to offer.  Our story conveys the excitement, fear, courage, camaraderie, teamwork, loss, and redemption experienced by firefighters every day.


     This project will be an audio-visual sensory feast that meshes perfectly with the large format medium.  We will accurately present what it’s like TO BE a Firefighter.  Your chest will be pounding while speeding Code 3 through crowded city streets, radio traffic peppers you with harrowing details.  You will arrive at a house completely engulfed in flames.  Making split-second, life or death decisions while the world around you, the audience as Firefighters, are gripped in total chaos.  Crawling into the building, your ears are searing from the oppressive heat banking down from the ceiling.  The smoke is so thick and black you cannot see your hands in front of your face.  An eerie orange glow is you’re only light.  You can only feel your way around.  You must crash through windows and smash through walls to find the enemy fire.  And then—finally—exhilaration! The seat of the fire is found and the burning inferno is tamed.  You have won the battle! For forty power-punched minutes we will unleash the guts of firefighting!


Mission Statement

     Our mission is to teach the public what it is truly like to be a firefighter. We will advance the public education and awareness of fire behavior, safety and prevention across the country by offering an unforgettable entertainment and educational package. This movie along with the fire safety material that will be provided WILL SAVE LIVES.